Home Life For a happier relationship: use the 30 second trick

For a happier relationship: use the 30 second trick

For a happier relationship: use the 30 second trick

Half a minute a day is enough to help couples have a happier relationship. Care work plays an important role here.

Most relationships fail not because of the big challenges in life, but because of the small ones. Everyday life and coexistence can be fatal for some couples. Household tasks such as unloading the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom or doing the shopping can become a waste of time or even causes of contention. With all the care work that needs to be done, relationship work is often neglected, with fatal consequences. A simple trick can help you ensure that the positive aspects of a relationship and love are not lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It only costs you 30 seconds a day.

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Relationship: Check out the 30-second happy couples trick

Only 30 seconds a day are enough for love to survive in everyday life, and household chores also play a central role in this. These are illuminated with a positive light once a day. Therefore, once a day, for example at night, take some time and talk to your partner about the things you have done that day. Focus mainly on the positive aspects. For example, you could say, “It was a great idea to cover the blanket again; it feels so much better to sleep in a freshly made bed” or “It’s good that we bought the new vacuum cleaner.” This makes vacuuming much easier and faster.”

Even if these are seemingly trivial things, you are expressing your gratitude to your partner for the small activities that can sometimes be missed in everyday life. At the same time, this can potentially motivate your counterpart to tackle tasks that arise periodically. Ultimately, these can sometimes become a recurring burden. However, by emphasizing the positive aspect, household chores become much easier.

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