France Rugby Team: An upheaval of Galthié with Ntamack?

XV of France: An upheaval of Galthié with Ntamack?

Two days before the list of 33 that Fabien Galthié will give on Monday at 1:00 p.m., Melvyn Jaminet will finally start against Fiji on Saturday evening in Nantes. One and last chance to shine for the back of Stade Toulousain.

The last action of Wednesday’s session in Capbreton was quite symbolic. To end a high-intensity group workout, Melvyn Jaminet attempted a penalty, a purely individual technical gesture, more than 50 meters in front of the posts. A magnificently successful gesture, with a ball that flew well above the poles despite the distance. A way perhaps to prove to the staff that perhaps he alone is capable of achieving this kind of kick, that he alone had the necessary length. A gesture which is also added to the incessant efforts made throughout the session, trying whenever possible to relaunch the balls and to cover the bottom of the field perfectly. Melvyn Jaminet know, his place in the 33 is hanging by a thread. Blame it on tough competition, between the confirmation of Thomas Ramos at fullback and the threats of the experienced Brice Flax or versatile Louis Bielle-Biarrey.

Can Ntamack’s package be a game-changer?

Malvyn Jaminet will therefore play a last card this Saturday against Fiji. His performance will be analyzed carefully by the staff of the Blues, even if the player is now well known to the tricolor coaching. But Romain Ntamack’s injury package could slightly change the strategy for the composition of the 33 at the opener-back level. Antoine Hastoy And Matthew Jalibert are now almost guaranteed to be part of the group. Knowing in particular that they can both help out at the back if necessary. Just as much as Thomas Ramos can come and play at the opening during the match if necessary. What can revive in the head of Fabian Galthie the number and style of full-backs to have in his 33 list. Perhaps a slight advantage to Melvyn Jaminet therefore, who also has the ability to stumble, unlike Brice Flax. It remains to be proven that he is also in great shape and able to hold off the marvelous Fijian attackers. On an individual level, this will be one of the main challenges of Saturday’s match.


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