Game collectors buy 4,000 digital copies of Alan Wake

Game collectors buy 4,000 digital copies of Alan Wake

What drives someone to buy multiple versions of the same game, movie, or CD? Folly, fanaticism or something else? Maybe it’s just good to have the reassurance that you’re thinking about “a few extra” copies?

But that’s exactly what the person calling herself Alisa has done and is now in possession of 4,000 virtually worthless digital copies of Alan Wake for Xbox 360.

Two boxes filled to bursting with small vouchers that you simply couldn’t resist and which the person bought on eBay for the equivalent of 2,300 SEK.

In a short interview, when asked why he bought the box with the codes, the game collector gave the following reason:

“What I love most about the Alan Wake and Remedy games in general is their style of storytelling and their absurd attention to detail. The world of Alan Wake 2 in particular feels truly alive, with so much hidden history that many players will miss. A lot of it.” Lore is also really strange and charming. And Sam Lake is a genius.

Alisa is now thinking about wallpapering the room with the codes.

“I just really love Alan Wake.”

Have you made similar crazy purchases related to video games?


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