Gears of War: E-Day could possibly be released in 2025

Gears of War: E-Day could possibly be released in 2025

During the Xbox Games Showcase, we were told that Fable will be released in 2025, but in the case of Gears of War: E-Day, Microsoft wouldn’t say anything – leading many to believe it won’t be released until 2026, but that may not be the case.

Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, wrote in the latest edition of the official newsletter that Fable will be released between October and December 2025 (which we’ve already reported on). But what about Gears of War: E-Day? According to Warren, it could actually come before Fable, but he also says it’s odd that The Coalition didn’t give an approximate date, which could indicate they’ve received more “Room to breathe”.

Only Microsoft knows the actual plans, but most signs point to 2025 being a busy year for Xbox and Microsoft. This week we were able to tell you that Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is really looking forward to E-Day, but what about you?

Gears of War: E-Day
It seems that Folktandvården is missing at Sera.


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