"Germany’s largest LAN party"? Caggtus before the second edition

"Germany's largest LAN party"?  Caggtus before the second edition

Press spokesman Felix Wisotzki described the Caggtus concept comfortably, although not very large. At the end of last year there were 14,800 visitors. A “brilliant premiere,” said the official press release. The second edition of the festival will take place on the weekend of April 5; all the information about it in advance.

What is offered?

Caggtus is divided into three areas: entertainment, LAN and streamer. In the entertainment area there will be various activities such as free play, cosplay or an indie area where 24 studios will be able to present their new games.

Several tournaments are coming up in the LAN area, including Counter-Strike 2, Valorant, League of Legends but also EA SPORTS FC 24. A total of 24 streamers will be present, including Maxim, RvNxMango, JustHohnny, Kutcherlol, Baso, Hasi. , Ronnyberger, Dennsen86, fisHC0p or Giggles.

How much do the tickets cost?

A total of 1,900 participants registered for the LAN party and places were almost sold out. If the figure is confirmed, Caggtus would have surpassed the gamescom LAN. 1,700 players participated there.

There are actually only a few seats available for the LAN party on the website. You can choose a seat for beginners or experts. The first costs 144 euros, the second 178 euros. There are no big differences, apart from a “limited gift bag” and another parking space, which would later be paid.

If you do not want to participate in the LAN party but simply visit the festival, you can purchase a one-day ticket online for 29 euros. Tickets are also available at the box office for last minute tickets for 32 euros. The combined one-day ticket costs 44 euros online, the multi-day ticket costs 49 euros. The first costs five euros more at the box office, ten euros plus the entrance fee for several days. The reduced day ticket is available in advance for 19 euros and at the box office for an additional five euros. Tickets entitle you to free travel to and from the exhibition center on the day of your visit.

Admission for professional visitors costs 119 euros. This includes access to Caggtus on all three days, excluding the LAN area, the Business Lounge and a ticket for free use of public transport. Important to know: Access to Caggtus is only allowed from 12 years of age and to the LAN area only from 18 years of age.


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