Gravity Oddity: One man rescue mission for Gary

Gravity Oddity: One man rescue mission for Gary

In the roguelike space adventure Gravity Oddity, players embark on a one-man rescue mission.

Gravity Oddity, the space action roguelike from developer Invincible Cat, will be released on September 13th, 2023, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

The world seems to be turned upside down when gravity suddenly disappears. People are floating away and the future looks bleak until Rio Grande, a galaxy-wide megacorporation, steps in and crafts Gravity Boots to restore balance and fix the unforeseen loss of gravity.

With the boots, people can live a grounded life, and everything seems right again in the universe. That is, until your roommate Gary disappears and he still owes half the rent.

Gary has been working on his own upgraded version of the Gravity Boots. Could this have something to do with his disappearance?

It’s time to find out. Strap on a pair of gravity boots, grab a laser gun, and save Gary (and most importantly, don’t let the landlord kick you out).

With the teleport gun, the ultimate weapon to save the universe, collect mods scattered across the galaxy to increase the weapon’s power and develop an arsenal of abilities to suit your playstyle.

Use a Zero Gravity Jetpack to take to the air and cover great distances against Rio Grande forces. Take out villainous enemies by teleporting around attacks and other planetary debris. Explore space to defeat bosses and find the coordinates of Rio Grande’s headquarters and free Gary!

Being a roguelike, death means you have to start over, but thankfully, Gravity Oddity has permanent abilities and unlockable content to improve the odds on future playthroughs.

Carefully choose the ships you want to raid and discover stackable mods to become more powerful, but each encounter brings an additional risk to the run. Secrets are everywhere in the galaxy, but not always in the same place…

main features

  • 130 mods with crazy synergies to make you feel OP
  • Intense boss fights to keep you busy
  • Constantly changing levels that challenge and keep you busy
  • Customize your avatar and sidekick the way you want with nearly 100 cosmetic items

Check out the announcement trailer and more pictures:


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