Greens want to invest billions in construction subsidies

Greens want to invest billions in construction subsidies

In order to stimulate the weakening economy, top representatives of the Greens parliamentary group propose an investment program with a special focus on the construction industry. “As a federal government, we are taking strong steps forward and are making the urgently needed investments totaling 30 billion euros available,” says a paper by the parliamentary group leader Katharina Dröge and the two deputies Andreas Audretsch and Julia Verlinden ARD Capital Studio present. The editorial network Germany had previously reported on it.

According to the Green politicians, the money should come from the Economic Stabilization Fund (WSF). This special pot set up during the corona pandemic was reactivated during the energy crisis in order to cushion the consequences.

An investment stimulus is needed for the economy, jobs and the climate, explained Dröge. “That’s why we propose an investment program to strengthen the construction sector and industry, in particular by significantly increasing state subsidies for social housing and energy-efficient building renovation and pushing ahead with social housing.”

Increased funding for energy-related refurbishment

In concrete terms, funding for investment costs for energy-efficient building refurbishment is to be doubled to 30 percent, with a focus on the buildings with the poorest energy efficiency. Funding for the refurbishment of apartment buildings is also to be increased, and non-profit facilities such as daycare centers, hospitals, retirement homes, sports facilities or youth leisure facilities should be supported with energy-efficient refurbishment.

When it comes to social housing, the politicians want to “further increase the funds and at the same time ensure that social housing remains rent-based for as long as possible,” the paper says. In addition, they want to expand federal funding for the renovation of public buildings in municipalities.

Funding is also to be increased for individual measures such as modern windows and doors. “People in the draftiest houses are feeling the effects of the energy crisis the hardest,” Verlinden said.

“Get out of the expensive fossil dependency”

In addition, the politicians spoke out in favor of the reduced industrial electricity price proposed by Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) and for an expansion of the climate investment premium proposed by Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP).

Audretsch also warned against the background of the massive US economic stimulus program “Inflation Reduction Act”: “Governments worldwide are investing in investments, we can’t afford to stand hesitantly on the sidelines. We have to get out of our expensive fossil dependence, we are allowed to use climate technologies, the economic opportunities don’t leave a renewable future to the US or China.”

The FDP rejects both the industrial electricity price and an opening of the economic stabilization fund. “There are still different ideas,” admitted Dröge on Tuesday on ZDF. However, the goal of wanting to strengthen investments is shared within the federal government.


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