Hackers attacked VW for years and stole thousands of files

Hackers attacked VW for years and stole thousands of files

The Volkswagen Group has been the target of hacker attacks for several years. The attackers stole thousands of files from the automaker, the company confirmed, news agency dpa reported after ZDF and Spiegel reported. However, the company noted in a statement that the incident occurred ten years ago.

ZDF and Spiegel reported on 40 internal documents that made it possible to “reconstruct a previously unknown, large-scale cyber attack against Volkswagen.” The goal was to take advantage of the technological know-how of the largest automobile manufacturer in the world at the time. These were probably Chinese state hackers.

interested in Drive technologies

Between 2010 and 2015, they focused on the areas of “gasoline engine development”, “transmission development” and “dual-clutch transmissions”. They also focused on concepts of alternative propulsion technologies, such as electromobility or fuel cells.

All of this is data “that continues to play a very important role in international competition,” Helena Wisbert, an expert in competitive strategy in the automotive industry at the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, told ZDF. It is said that in total up to 19,000 files were stolen. The Volkswagen Group also includes companies such as Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Seat and Skoda.

The same hackers are said to have been involved in all three attacks. In VW’s internal documents, China is not directly blamed, but according to interlocutors from ZDF and Spiegel, the road led to China. The IP address was traced to Beijing, including close to China’s military intelligence service.

China rejects reports

The Chinese embassy in Berlin reportedly reacted with indignation, stressing that the country condemns any form of cyberespionage.

But employees of the German security authorities also believe that an attack by Chinese state hackers is very likely. “The German industry, and of course also the German automobile industry, is clearly in danger when it comes to espionage activities from China and possibly also from other countries,” said Claudia Plattner, head of the Federal Office for Security and Technology of the Information. , he is quoted as saying.

Thomas Dexl, BR, AIO Information, April 20, 2024 17:47


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