Heavy Russian casualties: 530 soldiers killed in one day

A Ukrainian soldier fires a mortar at Russian positions on the front line.

Since Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 last year, Moscow has suffered massive casualties, according to the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The number of 254,380 soldiers that Russia is said to have lost in this period is remarkable. On the day before the report alone, 530 Russian soldiers were killed.

In addition to the personnel losses, The Kyiv Independent reports that Russia has also suffered significant equipment losses. This includes 4,306 tanks, 8,354 armored fighting vehicles and 7,562 other vehicles including fuel tanks. Massive losses were also recorded in artillery and aircraft: 5,099 artillery systems, 714 multiple missile systems, 479 air defense systems, 315 aircraft and 313 helicopters. Furthermore, 4,213 drones and 18 boats were destroyed. These are worrying numbers that illustrate the intensity of the conflict and are widely reported by The Kyiv Independent.

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