‘Henning’ hires at Werder Bremen – eSport squad with it "completed"

'Henning' hires at Werder Bremen - eSport squad with it "completed"

His departure from the “Kogge” had been known for months, now it’s his new employer too: Henning ‘Henning’ Wilmbusse is moving to SV Werder Bremen. The 18-year-old comes with the recommendation of the German club runners-up from last season. Together with Levy Finn ‘levyfinn’ Rieck, who is moving from Hansa to RB Leipzig, he only had to admit defeat in the final of the VBL Club Championship.

In addition, ‘Henning’ entered the VBL Grand Final, where it ended in the second round. Outside of Germany, he just barely missed entry into the FIFAe Club World Cup 2023 with Rostock – the play-offs were the last stop.

Dominik Kupilas, who is in charge of eSports at Werder, emphasized these achievements. “Despite his young age, he has a lot of experience at national and international level and has played consistently at the top level in the last two years,” he is quoted as saying in the club’s statement.

Two newcomers, two departures – Werder upheaval completed

In addition, Wilmbusse is “a great asset for us, both personally and in terms of sport.” According to Kupilas, the Bremen team “made an effort to get Henning early on”. Werder’s eSports boss also confirmed that the latest signing “completes the professional squad”. The major personnel upheaval after the disappointing 2022/23 season is now complete.

The split of Ali ‘PredatorFIFA’ Oskoui Rad and Max Julius ‘Diviners’ Gröne made room for ‘Henning’ – and the return of Berkay ‘BerkayLion’ Demirci. Bremen has also changed the coaching position: Former professional Fabio ‘Fifabio’ Sabbagh replaces Marcel ‘Marlut’ Lutz as head coach.

‘Henning’ wants to “attack at the top of the Virtual Bundesliga”

Wilmbusse is quite ambitious in his new job: “I want to build on my performances from previous years with Werder, be successful here and play for titles. We want to attack at the top of the Virtual Bundesliga again.” In the recent past, Bremen had failed miserably at the latter two goals.

The green-whites missed the leap into the final round of the VBL Club Championship last season, and they also had to give up early in the DFB-ePokal. In the individual, the results didn’t look much better: No Werder eSportsman was able to qualify for the VBL Grand Final 2023. With the new duo of ‘BerkayLion’ and ‘Henning’, everything is supposed to get better in EA SPORTS FC 24 – they already share the title wish with Bremen.

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