I am Future: High Steam ratings for “cozy survival game”

I am Future: High Steam ratings for

With I am Future, the developers of Mandragora want to stir up the survival genre. In their game, too, users must collect resources, grow food and expand their living space. However, the game is a bit more “comfortable” than other representatives of its kind. The players seem to like it, because they rate the game, which was released in Early Access on August 8th, as “very positive”.

Survival of the easy kind

In I Am Future, players wake up on an overgrown skyscraper roof. Society has collapsed and other people don’t seem to be in sight far and wide. Players must now create their post-apocalyptic rooftop life while figuring out what happened in the last days of civilization. To do this, they can turn the roof into a spacious, comfortable home, befriend an AI, or build pet drones that are not only cute but also help with various tasks.

I Am Future was released in Early Access on Steam on August 8th, where the title currently has around 90 percent positive reviews (as of August 10th, 2023, 11:15 am). On August 9th, the developers of Mandragora were able to celebrate 2,500 concurrent users. Among other things, the players praise the comfortable gameplay, which should stand out from other survival games. In addition, the graphics and the attention to detail are emphasized. In addition, the game should already offer a large scope and many opportunities for crafting and survival.

Among other things, the micromanagement of the inventory and the high grind factor are viewed negatively. In addition, the carrying system is expandable, in which only a single component can be carried at a time. For buildings that require around 30 planks, players would often have to run back and forth to get just one plank over and over again.

Source: Steam


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