Ian Garry: “I’m too elite and too fast for him!” After the match with me he will never wear MMA gloves again.

Ian Garry:

Ian Machado Garry remembers most of last year with good and positive memories, but at the end of the year his life became complicated. His wife Layla Machado Garry came under public criticism.

She has been described as a “sexual predator” who aims to exploit young and successful athletes. It was said that she controlled and dictated Ian Garry’s life, and numerous lies were spread about Ian and Layla. Sean Strickland and Colby Covington, top UFC fighters, were also among those who took shots at this married couple.

It was Strickland who gave Layla the moniker “sexual predator,” while Colby Covington asked the audience at the pre-UFC 296 press conference:

“Raise your hand to everyone who slept with Ian Garry’s wife.”

By the way, Ian Garry was supposed to appear at the UFC 296 event, but the match against Vicente Luque was canceled due to pneumonia. Many then accused Garry of succumbing to pressure and trying to avoid a press conference at which Colby Covington was scheduled to appear. This was supported by the fact that Garry and his wife banned comments on their social media, which was a clear indication of how hard they were dealing with all the negative attention they were getting.

However, as time passed, the noise surrounding the Garry family became quieter, but Garry did not forget those who tried to trample on him and his family. Colby Covington and Sean Strickland are on his wish list and Chaos is the fighter Garry sees as his next opponent.

“Look, if Colby wants to fight in his backyard tomorrow, I’ll fly to Miami and fight him in his backyard.” I don’t care when we fight, I just want him as my opponent. I want him to be a man, step into the cage and face his fears. Let him face the guy he talked so much crap about and see what happens when he steps in the cage. God will be good. He’ll give me Colby Covington whenever and wherever I want him, and then he’ll say, “Ian, have fun.”

I want to fight him, also because of the reputation that follows him and because of the moniker of the best fighter in his category that he has had for a long time. I also want this match because of all the crap he said about me and my family and I will make him regret every word he said. I know that even the best version of Colby Covington wouldn’t stand a chance against me. No matter how good Colby could be, he could never beat me. I’m too elite and too fast for him. I’m too technically brilliant and he simply has no chance. The guy honestly doesn’t deserve any respect. Despite all the crap he talks, I’m going to climb into that cage and retire him. “That is my goal, that after the match with me, Colby Covington will never put on MMA gloves again,” Garry concluded in an interview with MMA Fighting.

A matchup between Garry and Covington makes sense. The Irishman is seventh on the challenger list while Colby is in his fourth month. Colby lost to Leon Edwards in his last appearance, while Ian has seven wins in as many appearances in the UFC cage.

Additionally, many want to see how the young, undefeated Irishman copes with an elite wrestler, as he has never had the opportunity to fight someone like this. Colby fits that description and hopefully the UFC sees the opportunity to make a very interesting fight.


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