Iga Swiatek after his elimination in the Cincinnati semifinals: “I don’t regret too much”

Coco Gauff after her victory over Iga Swiatek in Cincinnati: "Now I know I can beat her"

“It’s probably not the result you were hoping for, but how do you feel after this game?
It is difficult to comment on the spot because the game was very long. Overall, I’m happy with the three tournaments I’ve played in a row: Warsaw, Montreal and Cincinnati. Of course there are still things I have to work on since I lost. But I fought until the end and I’m proud of it. Of course I would have preferred a different result, but Coco played very well and really deserved her victory.

What was different from other games?
From my point of view, I lacked a little energy. Honestly, I won’t regret it too much because I’m happy to have a few more days off before the US Open. Coco played great tennis. I think she served a lot better than in our other games, especially faster. She picked up more balls and also took more risks. I know I’ve had absences where I’ve made, I don’t know, six unforced errors without really knowing why. We’ll check it out because it doesn’t happen to me that often. Above all, she played very well.

“Even if I don’t play my best tennis, I can still offer my opponents a certain level.”

They were in the semifinals of the two WTA 1000 tournaments before the US Open and only lost in very close games. Do you think these games will be of use to you in New York?
Generally this is the case. In my career I’ve rarely lost 6-2, 6-3. If I lose, I still fought. And even if I don’t play my best tennis, I can still offer my opponents a certain level. It’s definitely positive. But of course the most important thing is to win. There are two or three things that I have identified that I would like to correct at the US Open. Eventually I’ll have some time to work on all of this because we didn’t have much time during the season. Before the clay court season I had an injury and training on grass is very specific. And for the last week leading up to Montreal, my main focus has been on recovery. »


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