“Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” is based on the first films

“Indiana Jones and the Great Circle” is based on the first films

One of the many games we got to see at the Xbox Games Showcase last Sunday was Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, which looks really promising and seems to have more real action featuring the popular archaeology professor than last year’s film Indiana Jones and the Dial of Fate did.

Many have noted that the tone of the game is more reminiscent of the first three films in the series, and incidentally, that’s exactly what Swedish developer MachineGames was aiming for. In an official Xbox Podcast interview (via Xbox Wire), executive producer Jerk Gustafsson says that the main sources of inspiration are films one and three:

“We spent countless hours rewatching the movies – especially the two films that are closest to the game, namely Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade.”

Gustafsson also explains why Troy Baker (known from Bioshock Infinite, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Last of Us, among others) was given the honor of voicing Indiana Jones, and also reveals that he helped make the character more authentic:

“He’s just a great actor. He put so much effort into the role too – you can tell he’s just a huge Indiana Jones fan (…) We were just in a (voice-over) session with him recently,” and he’d improvise lines. “Wouldn’t Indy say something more like that?” Or he’d comment on lines we’d written that we thought were subtle Easter eggs just for the diehard Indy fans, and he’d pick up on it immediately.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle will be released later this year for PC and Xbox Series S/X – and will be included in Game Pass from day one.

Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
The upcoming Indiana Jones adventure is being developed in Sweden.


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