Intel Core-i-14000: Asrock names performance data for the first time and confirms DDR5-6400

Core i7-14700K vs. Core i7-13700K: Five percent more single-core performance, with 30 watts more consumption (report)

The Taiwanese manufacturer Asrock has now published performance data for the upcoming Core i 14000 CPUs (“Raptor Lake Refresh”) on its official profile on the Chinese microblogging service Sina Weibo for the first time and also revealed that DDR5-6400 is the new standard is officially supported. The presentation of the new hybrid CPUs in October was also confirmed.

Up to 8 percent more single-core performance

While Asrock continues to refer to the information that has been leaked over the past few days and weeks, the fact that the Taiwanese manufacturer is sharing this information on its official company profile speaks very loudly. Under the title “Z790 Refresh”, which represents the three new motherboards, Asrock names the following performance data.

The entry, first spotted by Videocardz and Chinese website IT Home, speaks of “4 to 8 percent more single-core performance” and “8 to 15 percent more multi-threaded performance”. This information coincides with the latest leaks from the rumor mill and now paints a very clear picture of the upcoming Core i 14000 processors.

While the Intel Core i7-14700 and Core i7-14700K/KF have four additional efficiency cores compared to their direct predecessors, all other CPUs in the series will probably remain a small product update with 100 to 200 MHz more clock frequency. The specifications are now largely known.

Specifications are almost assured

Due to various, usually reliable sources from Asia, but also numerous entries from various benchmark databases, the specifications that have been leaked so far are now more than just a rumor. Nevertheless, in the end nothing is set in stone and a limited KS model cannot be ruled out, but currently unlikely.

Here are all the Core i 14000 series leaked specs so far compared to its two predecessors, Core i 13000 and Core i 12000, based on multiple different and independent sources.

There will probably not be an increase in the number of cores in the new Intel Core i5 and Core i3, as the rumor mill had briefly speculated beforehand. Only the Intel Core i7-14700K and later modifications of this model get a total of four additional small efficiency cores. Will that be enough?

Officially for the first time with DDR5-6400 as JEDEC standard

In addition, Asrock confirms that the Core i 14000 CPUs support the high JEDEC standard for DDR5-6400 ex works for the first time and thus Alder Lake-S (“DDR5-4800”) and Raptor Lake-S (“DDR5-5600” ) will be surpassed.

K models in October and the rest will follow in 2024

As various OEM partners from the Chinese trade have meanwhile confirmed, the Raptor Lake refresh in the form of the K models is to be launched in October. The regular models without a suffix, on the other hand, should not appear until the beginning of next year. The presentation of the Core i 14000 series is expected to take place on September 19 at Intel Innovation.

Sources: Asrock via Sina Weibo via IT Home and Videocardz


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