Intel with a leak: New leaks for the Core i5-14600K(F)

Intel with a leak: New leaks for the Core i5-14600K(F)

There seems to be an information leak somewhere at Intel, because just one day after the first benchmarks for the Core i9-14900K and i7-14700K appeared, there was the next leak. On the X platform formerly known as Twitter, user 9550pro provided a screenshot of the programs CPU-Z and Core Temp, which promise more precise data on the Intel Core i5-14600K(F).

The specifications shown correspond to the previously assumed information from Benchlife, which presented specific details about the Core i5-14600K in a report. The processor, which is still based on the LGA1700 socket, has 14 cores (20 threads), which are divided into six performance and eight efficiency cores. These run at a base clock of 3.5 gigahertz, which in turn would be a confirmation of the previous rumors about the Raptor Lake refresh – after all, an upgrade of 200 MHz in the clock rate should take place across the board. The CPU’s smart cache is 24 MiB.

The displayed boost clock of the CPU mounted on a Gigabyte Z790 Gaming X AX motherboard also corresponds to the current information and amounts to 5.3 gigahertz. The same applies to the power consumption, which should be 125 watts according to the CPU-Z screenshot. However, the temperatures between 34 and 61 degrees Celsius measured in Core Temp are not very meaningful for further details, since there is no information on the cooling used.

200 MHz more with the same number of cores – is that enough for the Core i5-14600K? You can use the comment function to let us know what you think. You would need to be logged in to PCGH or the Extreme forums to comment. If you don’t have an account yet, you could consider registering for free, which has many advantages. Please note the forum rules when commenting.


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