iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro: Is the battery aging too quickly?

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Although Apple’s design makes it easier to replace the battery on the iPhone 14, only certified Apple replacement parts may be used. A software coupling ensures that spare parts are tied to the end device. Now more and more criticism is boiling up on Reddit and the Twitter successor X. The background is dissatisfied owners of an iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro. The two Apple smartphones have only been on the market since September 2022, but users are already complaining about batteries aging quickly. Memories of the Batterygate are awakened when the CPU performance was throttled via a software update to save the battery.

iPhone 14: Are 88 percent battery aging too quickly after one year?

As Wall Street Journal journalist Joanna Stern writes, she has her iPhone 14 Pro with her full charge has a capacity of only 88 percent. According to information from the Apple Store, this aging is due to the fact that the battery has already experienced 450 charging cycles. It remains unclear how intensively the iPhone was used and how often quick charges were made. As Apple itself writes, the battery capacity drops to around 80 percent after 500 charging cycles. To check the capacity of a battery, go to the battery menu in the settings and select the item battery status & charging process. Replacing the battery costs 119 euros directly from Apple.

A heated discussion has erupted on the Internet as to whether the battery is aging at an unacceptably fast rate. Some owners vent their anger. Each charging cycle stresses the lithium-ion cells. The faster, i.e. with more watts, a battery is charged, the hotter the battery gets and this continues to damage the cells. Due to the limited space available, smartphones do not have active thermal management like that offered by electric cars. Only in consultation with the power pack can a charging process be aborted and resumed when the temperature is right. The iPhone 14 can be charged with a maximum of 20 watts, whereby a power supply unit has to be purchased separately and is not included with the iPhone 14, which costs 825 euros enclosed.

Collection of rapidly aging batteries in the Apple iPhone 14 Pro:

  • Many Apple iPhone 14 owners complain about the battery aging too quickly.
  • As Apple itself writes, the battery capacity drops to around 80 percent after 500 charging cycles.
  • For some users, this aging process is too fast, so that the first cases have already become known, less than a year after the market launch.
  • A battery replacement costs 119 euros directly from Apple.

Sources: Reddit, XThe Verge


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