iPhone 15: Faster charging speeds of up to 35W (rumour)

iPhone 15: Faster charging speeds of up to 35W (rumour)

When the iPhone 15 is expected to be launched this fall, Apple fans can look forward to a whole range of improvements, big and small. One of them is expected to concern the new USB-C port, which will replace the previous Lightning connector on the iPhone series. A leak recently circulated according to which the iPhone 15 could offer up to 83 times faster data transfer speeds than the iPhone 14 via the USB-C port.

The new iPhones can be charged in well under 2 hours

Now, citing internal industry sources, the 9to5Mac editorial team is reporting that some, if not all, new iPhone 15 models can be charged at up to 35 watts. That would mean a significantly reduced charging time compared to the iPhone 14 Pro, which can be charged with up to 27 watts.

For comparison: The iPhone 14 Pro Max needs around two hours for a full charge with 27 watts. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra can be charged with up to 45 watts, which means that the battery capacity is 100 percent again in less than an hour. If the iPhone 15 can really be charged with 35 watts, the charging time would be between one and two hours – with a clearly noticeable improvement over the iPhone 14.

However, it is still unclear whether charging with 35 watts will only be possible with the iPhone 15 Pro models or with all variants of the new series. The same applies to the leaked information about possible Thunderbolt/USB4 support for the iPhone 15. So we will probably have to wait until September 2023, when Apple is expected to officially present the new iPhone 15 to the public.

Source: via 9to5Mac


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