iPhone 15 launch event: Bloomberg reveals the new and probably final date and details

iPhone 15 launch event: Bloomberg reveals the new and probably final date and details

In a few weeks the time will probably have come: As usual, Apple is expected to present its new smartphone generation around the iPhone 15 in September. So far, however, it has not been entirely clear when the keynote for the new models will take place; recent rumors only gave a rough indication of September 12th or 13th, while the official release is said to be about a week and a half later.

iPhone 15: release date leaked (rumour)

This time has now been specified by Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman: Apple is said to be planning the keynote on September 12th, which, like WWDC 2023, is to run as a hybrid event. Selected guests on the Apple campus can follow the unveiling stream, which will probably be shown on YouTube, live and then put their hands on the new iPhone 15 devices. A release of the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Watch Ultra 2 should also be seen at the event.

However, September 12th as the date for the launch event would not be unusual, after all Apple also chose a Tuesday in September for some of the previous generations before the pre-order phase started on the following Friday. Only the iPhone 14 has been presented on a Wednesday in the past five years, so Gurman, who is already well informed, is likely to be right here as well.

From the information with the launch event, the further release plan for the iPhone 15 can also be combined. After all, there is no obvious reason for Apple to shake the successful release cycle; Accordingly, pre-orders are expected to start on September 15th, before the official release on September 22nd.


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