iPhone 15: USB-C leak suggests huge upgrade in data transfer

iPhone 15 launch event: Bloomberg reveals the new and probably final date and details

The annual presentation of the next and 15th iPhone generation is expected in September. In the run-up, the rumor mill warms up as usual and discusses potential features that the new devices could claim for themselves. The Twitter user “lipilipsi” meanwhile leaked some pictures showing the USB-C ports of the iPhone 15 models and the inner workings. Interestingly, an author from the website Chargerlab.com found the details that would mean a huge upgrade for the iPhone 15 compared to its predecessor.

iPhone 15: About 83 times faster than iPhone 14?

The photos with the USB-C sockets are said to include the standard iPhone 15 model as well as the Pro and Max models. Chargerlab has discovered a component behind the USB-C socket on the circuit board, which is apparently a retimer chip. Commonly found in devices with Thunderbolt/USB4 high-speed data transmission rates, this chip improves signal transmission stability for high-bandwidth data ports, enabling longer transmission distances such as long cables.

This would mean that the USB-C ports on the iPhone 15, Max and Pro will support Thunderbolt/USB4’s high data transfer rate of 40 Gbps. The Lightning connector of the iPhone 14 Pro, i.e. the direct predecessor of the iPhone 15 Pro, can only access 480 Mbit/s, which corresponds to the transfer rate of USB 2.0.

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The iPhone 15 could boast up to about 83 times faster data transfer rates. Ultimately, however, it is in Apple’s hands which functionalities the USB-C port on the iPhone 15 will offer. For example, the manufacturer could only release the maximum data rate for iPhone accessories for reasons of profit orientation.

Source: Chargerlab


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