iPhone SE 4: With an action button that is missing in the iPhone 15? (Rumor)

 iPhone SE 4: With an action button that is missing in the iPhone 15?  (Rumor)

With the “Special Edition” Apple relaunches its smartphones at irregular intervals as a comparatively inexpensive model. It should be that time again next year: The iPhone SE 4 is expected to be based on the iPhone 14 and should be based on the design of the current generation. This emerges from a tweet from the reliable leaker URedditor, who also claims to have learned more details about the iPhone SE 4.

This unconfirmed information also includes the action button, about which there were sometimes contradictory rumors about the iPhone 15 for some time. At the moment it is assumed that only the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max integrate the buttons, also known as solid-state buttons – the standard model, on the other hand, gets nothing. This would give the iPhone SE 4 a supposed added value compared to the regular iPhone 15, which in turn gives information about a possible release time window. If the action button in the iPhone SE 4 turns out to be a true rumor, a release in 2024 is unlikely – after all, Apple would fall into logical pitfalls if they wanted to justify the likely much higher price of the iPhone 15.

In addition, URedditor assumes that both the Face ID face recognition and the wide display notch of the iPhone 14 will take over directly. Apple is also said to be switching from Lightning to USB-C connection on the iPhone SE 4 in order to comply with the EU regulation that will come into force in 2024, which will make the uniform standard compulsory for smartphone manufacturers. On the camera side, however, Apple should stick to a lens on the back, as is typical for the SE; However, there is no specific information about the sensor.


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