Is trouble looming for Starfield? According to Dataminer, no sign of DLSS and XeSS

 Is trouble looming for Starfield?  According to Dataminer, no sign of DLSS and XeSS

As is well known, the space open world game Starfield, which will be released in early September, was created by Bethesda in partnership with GPU manufacturer AMD. Consequently, they advertise each other; For example, there is a Starfield bundle with Ryzen and Radeon products, even limited Starfield editions, and only AMD products are specified for the system requirements with the imagined categories of heroic, epic and legendary. Also, some players fear that DLSS for Starfield could be blocked in favor of FSR 2, which would not be good for the mood of many fans.

Dataminer claims to have made a disturbing discovery

This fear is now being reinforced by Sebastian Castellanos, a dataminer and Twitter user. He recently claimed on the short message service that he had plowed through the preload files for Starfield on PC and found no trace of upscalers competing with Nvidia and Intel, i.e. DLSS and XeSS. He also concludes that Bethesda and AMD should be prepared for negative feedback, since there has not yet been any confirmation as to whether competing technologies will be blocked in Starfield.

The support of DLSS/XeSS is also a trivial undertaking that should be easy to implement. Therefore Sebastian Castellanos believes that this cannot be the reason why only FSR 2 is considered. In his opinion, despite FSR 2’s broad GPU support, not supporting other upscalers is simply not enough, as FSR 2 simply doesn’t bring in the results that players would get with DLSS/XeSS. Finally, it is not enough to rely on modders who may provide support for competing technologies, as these do not reach the level that would be provided by native support.

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Source: Sebastian Castellanos on Twitter


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