Jannik Sinner after his title in Toronto: “A great moment in my career”

Jannik Sinner after his title in Toronto:

“How do you feel after this first Masters 1000 victory on Sunday against Alex De Minaur (6-4, 6-1) in Toronto?
It’s an incredible feeling, something that I can share with all my team, with all the people who are close to me, even if they are not physically with me here. It’s a big moment in my career.

What did you learn from your two defeats in the final in Miami, against Hurkacz and Medvedev?
Finals are always slightly different matches. When you play with such a high stake, and you get used to it, you are calmer, before and during the match. Today (Sunday), I did everything better than in my two previous Masters 1000 finals. I was very focused on my game, on what I had to do. I am very happy.

What was your game plan?
It was a little windy and we both had to adjust. But I have the feeling of having returned very well. Alex is extremely fast, so sometimes you have to play the wrong way. I tried to find the right compromise, sometimes I accepted the rallies and sometimes I pushed harder. We were both ready for a long fight, and the first set was very important.

What impact can a title like this have on your confidence, in view of the US Open and the rest of the season?
It definitely boosts my confidence before the US Open. In Cincinnati, it will be complicated because I will have little time to adjust. But I will have time to prepare myself as well as possible for the US Open. With this title, my expectations are going to be higher. But I think there is room to still improve things in my game, in particular to better understand certain situations.

Is there a gift you would like to receive for your birthday on Wednesday?
In fact, I asked to start my Cincinnati tournament on Wednesday. If so, it will be the third year in a row that I have played a game on my birthday. It’s kind of the best gift, isn’t it? It’s what I love, it’s my passion. Entering a court, sharing the moment with the fans…

How long have you been waiting for a title like this?
Winning this kind of tournament is the dream of every tennis player. But I started to believe in it a little more from last year. Because I felt that I had the level to win. I demonstrated it this year, by reaching finals or semi-finals. Believing in yourself is very important. Thanks therefore to Darren (Cahill, his coach)which is very important in my team.

Can you say more about Darren Cahill’s contribution?
I always say that the duo he forms with Simone (Vagnozzi, his other trainer) is really good for me. Simone knows a lot at the technical level, about the detail of each shot. And Darren knows how to prepare for important matches. He has seen so much during his coaching career! And then there is his character, he gives you a lot of confidence, he is always relaxed. And he also gives tactical advice. When we started together it was last year, just before Wimbledon, and he taught me some important things about the game on grass.

Alex de Minaur just said you have one of the heaviest shots he has ever faced. How have you developed this throughout your career?
I’ve always had a pretty fluid shot. When I was young, I was lucky not to be very strong physically, which forced me to find a way to put speed in my shots. That’s why I worked a lot technically. Today, I grew up, I developed physically. The combination of fluidity and physical strength makes you hit the ball harder. »


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