Jennifer Lopez improvises a karaoke and is not at all unanimous!

Jennifer Lopez improvises a karaoke and is not at all unanimous!

Still as beautiful even as she gets older, Jennifer Lopez remains as talented as ever in singing. At least, it depends on the evening. Indeed, during a karaokethe companion of Ben Affleck does not seem to have been unanimous.

Always as complicit with her man

Her story with her man is worthy of a fairy tale. Indeed, after a separation, the duo met again to never leave each other. It was in 2021 that their paths crossed again, plus their greatest happiness.

And just one year after their reunion, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck took the next step. Since they were getting married on July 16, 2022 in Las Vegas. On the other hand, it was not a gigantic party. The duo wanted to do this in a small committee.

“A special guest arrived without an appointment. I started shaking a little. I was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s Jennifer Lopez. They were both moved. The children were there, behind them”. Said an employee.

In fact, a year after this big day, the lovebirds celebrated their cotton wedding anniversary. On July 16, 2023, they celebrated this magnificent day again. And as for their union, the duo did not see things big on the contrary.

Jennifer Lopez and her man simply went to the Beverly Hills Hotel accompanied by their children. As for the outfit, J-LO opted for a long floral dress, ideal for the season.

For the companion of the one who launched a brand of alcohol, we bet on sobriety. Namely simple black pants and a white shirt. So you will understand, simplicity reigns for this couple, like from day one.

Jennifer Lopez worried about her karaoke

Simplicity makes it possible to maintain the flame for the duo who appeared complicit in The Flash premiere. And this, even if one of the two halves puts the other to shame. And that is precisely what happened recently.

To believe our colleagues from Watson, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were in a bar in Capri not long ago. While they were on a yacht, the duo decided to set foot on the ground to improvise a concert for the hearing impaired.

In a sequin dress, J-Lo sang I will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. A performance that did not fail to divide even if this one was quite acceptable according to our colleagues. But why did the song split?

Still according to our colleagues, Jennifer Lopez sang her own song : Let’s Get Loud. But according to the media, she did not offer a performance that would have returned coaches from The Voice. Moreover, many Internet users have pointed this out as well.

” Apparently, she hasn’t been getting enough attention lately. Nonnnn!!! Someone take this mic. No wonder Ben always looks constipated”. Dropped a few internet users unhappy with the performance.

A karaoke that will not leave an imperishable memory for some.


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