Jessica Thivenin shocks Thibault Garcia with this forbidden sentence!

Jessica Thivenin choque Thibault Garcia avec cette phrase interdite !

In “It’s the family”, Jessica Thivenin evoked a delicate subject! And the sparkling blonde had the merit of shocking Thibault Garcia.

In an episode of It’s the familyJessica Thivenin found her man Thibault Garcia after a stop at the hairdresser. But during their exchange, the happy mother of two children also made a mistake… MCE TV reveals everything to you.

It’s the family: Jessica Thivenin makes a nice mistake

For several days now, aficionados of It’s the family follow with enthusiasm twists and turns in the show. At the latest news, it’s quite tense between Manon and Julien Tanti. But obviously they are not the only ones!

Indeed, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia have seen better days. Like the Tanti, the lovebirds live a beautiful story for a little while.

And it was in Dubai that they decided to settle down to raise their offspring in peace. However, the couple also kept a base in France. They happen to come back to France to take full advantage of their loved ones.

On the Web, the parents of Maylone and Leewane hide nothing from its subscribers! At home, it happens that it heats up too. “There are times when we can no longer see each other, as in all couples”, has also revealed the businesswoman.

In it’s the family, the main interested party has found Laura Lempika. The ex-wife of Nikola Lozina freshly separated seemed to want to change his mind. What to inspire his friend!

After having spent a nice moment by her side, Jessica Thivenin therefore returned home… But nothing happened as planned! On her return, the young woman also argued with the man of her life…

Thibault Garcia cracks in front of the camera

Observing the mother of his children, Thibault then dropped: “Wow, did you do curls? “. Stung to the quick, the young woman thinks at first that he is making fun of her. ” I did not expect that “, has also added the beautiful brown. And to complete: For me, you had just accompanied Laura. It’s beautiful! »

Unfortunately for him, Jessica Thivenin was not convinced by his explanations. ” I expect something crazy, but he looks at me and says I’m ‘pretty’. Well, I have no complaints, I have a husband who compliments me all day! », also added the main concerned.

With philosophy, she then evoked the Laura Lempika’s recent breakup and Nikola Lozina. ” She said to me: ‘Give me the trick to be a couple like you.’ Me, I asked him: ‘Give me the trick to divorce like you'”, slipped Jessica Thivenin to her half.

What annoy him to the highest point obviously. “How do you want a divorce? Is it in your project? », has also annoyed the ex of Shanna Kress.

Aware of her clumsiness, Jessica Thivenin very quickly wanted to rectify the situation: “Oh no, I don’t want a divorce! It’s dead, I said a bad sentence, I’m cooked! “. In the confessional, the latter also underlined: “I took out the wrong sentence without doing it on purpose. There I know he is blocked for several minutes… or hours. » To be continued…


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