Jessica Thivenin very saddened by the attitude of her son Maylone!

Jessica Thivenin very saddened by the attitude of her son Maylone!

The facts may date back to last year. However, Jessica Thivenin has not forgotten anything. Indeed, the companion of Thibault Garcia remembers that Maylone’s birthday hadn’t gone as planned. So as the big date approached, she wanted to warn her little boy.

The repatriated couple

But the most important thing in this information remains the fact that the couple is in good health. And that was not necessarily won. Indeed, the lovers were in Hawaii not long ago. While a gigantic fire ravaged everything on the archipelago.

Very quickly, Jessica Thivenin, who can’t stand his body anymorewished to reassure its subscribers by first recalling: “As you know we are in Big Island. And the island that is stuck to ours is totally in flames. She is being devastated”.

Subsequently, Maylone’s mother, lynched because from a TikTok videohas indicated : “We were supposed to finish our road trip there. We still had four days left (…) We are going to return to France, we are going to be repatriated. We’re not going to go to an island that’s on fire at all.”.

In fact, the couple is forced to return earlier than expected. Despite everything, the pretty blonde says she is grateful to have been able “Go around several islands in the Hawaiian archipelago. It was an amazing trip”.

Jessica Thivenin finally concluding: “I am sad unfortunately that our trip ends here in Big Island. Knowing it was meant to go on, in Maui, but nature decided otherwise”. Hoping that the people of Hawaii manage to recover quickly from this tragedy.

In any case, Thibault and Jessica were able to return and are now safe. From now on, they will be able to concentrate on their last days in France before returning to Dubai. In fact, Leewane’s birthday will be at the center of their activities.

Jessica Thivenin very saddened by the attitude of her son Maylone!
Jessica Thivenin very saddened by the attitude of her son Maylone!

Jessica Thivenin disappointed with Maylone

The opportunity for the young mother to warn her little boy. Indeed, last year, his sister’s birthday did not go perfectly. And Thibault’s sweetheart wanted to remind him.

While Jessica Thivenin had put the small dishes in the big ones for her boy… this one had sulked all day. The young mother remembers it very well. And don’t want it to happen again. So she asked him to help her for her sister’s birthday.

“Do you remember last year all you did was cry?” You ruined your birthday for us. Everyone was having fun except you”. First recalled the darling of Thibault Garcia as the relay our colleagues from Here.

Before continuing: You spat on the cake. Jessica Thivenin had expressed her disappointment. Especially about her son’s attitude. It is also for this reason that she wanted to warn him. To prevent such a scenario from happening again.

” I was very sad. You had hurt me a lot. Because we made you happy with dad. And you were sulking”. Hoping that the requests of the young mother are understood by her son and that everything goes well.


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