Kelly Vedovelli doesn’t like comments about her weight loss!

Kelly Vedovelli doesn't like comments about her weight loss!

Kelly Vedovelli is tired of being congratulated on her weight loss. So, on Instagram, she tries to clear things up once and for all. Because this comment comes up very regularly. We tell you more in this article.

Kelly Vedovelli gives an update on her weight loss

It’s a comment that comes up often and Kelly Vedovelli is fed up. Often, she receives comments on Instagram or even private messages congratulating her on her weight loss. So the young woman decides to put things clear.

Indeed, on her Instagram story, she showed a message, not mean that she just received. Inside, a gentleman congratulates her on her work at TPMP but adds a message a little more… personal.

Indeed he writes: I wanted to congratulate you on your weight loss. Being a formerly obese I know it is extremely difficult to lose weight. Well done ! And this message does not do Kelly Vedovelli any good.

For what ? Because the young woman has not lost any pounds recently. So she wants to explain it once and for all on Instagram. “So thank you but I haven’t lost any weight. The TV gives on average 5kg more“.

According to Kelly Vedovelli, the TV would grow a lot. And that would explain why on Instagram she looks a lot thinner than on TPMP. It ends : ” I notify this once and for all because I have this reflection in the street at least 3 times a day. It’s not nice to be crazy. »

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The young woman has not lost a gram

Apparently, Kelly Vedovelli would not have lost weight at all. And she’s tired of people thinking about her when you see her on the street. But it must be said that between his Instagram photos and what we see on TV, there is a difference.

Some also accuse him of retouching his photos. But apparently, the people who meet her in the street have the same feeling. So, TV would not be very flattering for the young woman. At least things are clear!

With any luck, Kelly Vedovelli will no longer be entitled to this reflection. In any case, for the moment, she is mainly enjoying her holidays. And we would have it seen with Cyril Hanouna ! Which would confirm the rumors.

Public publishes a photo of the two, in Corsica. On August 9, the “couple” would have taken the plane together in Calvi. And on Instagram, we don’t see any photos of Corsica. A trip that they therefore wanted to keep secret.

The rumors about their relationship will therefore continue to swell. For the moment, nothing is official. All we know is that Kelly Vedovelli will always be on TPMP next season. Season which resumes on September 4, in two weeks.

But if Cyril Hanouna is in a relationship with the beautiful blonde, it remains very discreet for the moment. To see how things evolve. Could this trip also have been made with friends? In any case, neither of them wanted to react to the photos.


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