Kiev hosts Moscow: get ready for more drones

Russian President Vladimir Putin regularly launches unmanned drone attacks on Ukraine.

The Ukrainian capital Kiev has warned Moscow citizens of further attacks. According to Andriy Yusov, spokesman for the Ukrainian Military Intelligence Service (HUR), the security of Moscow residents is increasingly at risk. He expressed to the Kyiv Postthat the Russian defense system, despite Russia’s claim to be the world leader in the arms market, is outdated and ineffective against modern challenges. Yusov has criticized President Putin’s leadership and hopes Moscow citizens will reconsider their support for the current regime.

A recent incident involved an explosion at Karamyshevskaya Dam near Moscow. The Russian Defense Ministry later confirmed it had destroyed a Ukrainian drone. These drone strikes on the Russian capital are part of an escalating drone war between the two countries. Although Russia has been using drones since October, the effectiveness of these attacks is showing diminishing results due to steadily improving Ukrainian air defenses. By contrast, Kyiv has only recently begun attacking Moscow with drones. The Ukrainian drones now regularly reach the Russian capital and cause damage.

Drone attacks a matter of justice

Yusov stressed to the Kyiv Post the potential increase in attack frequency over the coming months. He also sees Ukraine’s retaliation as a form of “justice” over Russia’s “criminal” war against Ukraine. A young engineering student, Artemy Dusilov, noticed in Moscow that drones were flying over the city again.

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