Kim Kardashian encourages all of her fans to get screened for cancer!

Kim Kardashian encourages all of her fans to get screened for cancer!

On her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian shared a photo where she encouraged her fans to get screened for cancer!

Kim Kardashian very often takes over her social networks to promote her brands or to show her daily life with her family. In the middle of the week, she urged her years to get screened for cancer.

Kim Kardashian encourages her fans to get a CT scan

Followed by 363 million subscribers on Instagram, Kim Kardashian clearly has a voice that carries. This Wednesday, August 9, she decided to use it to encourage her fans to get screened for cancer.

On her Instagram account, Kim Kardashian posted a photo. She appeared in front of a scanner. She then confided: “I recently did this Prenuvo scan. And I had to tell you everything on this machine that saves lives” .

Subsequently, the reality TV candidate revealed that it was not an ad. She only spoke to encourage her fans to screen cancer as soon as possible.

Kim Kardashian said: “The Prenuvo full body scanner has the ability to detect cancer. And diseases such as aneurysms in its early stages. And this, before the symptoms appear..

Before continuing: “It was like having an MRI for an hour without radiation. It really saved the lives of some of my friends. And I just wanted to share”. On the other hand, his message has been debated.

If Paris Hilton has validated the Prenuvo scanner 100%, Internet users have had mixed opinions. Many have reminded Kim Kardashian that doing a CT scan asked for a very large sum of money.

A scandalous message

To use the Prenuvo scanner to get screened for cancer, you have to spend $2,499. A large sum of money that most people don’t have. Or can’t not spend on a simple scanner.

Internet users therefore brought Kim Kardashian back to reality. They then said: “Kim is for rich people. People can’t even afford to buy food right now”.

“The fact that the majority of society cannot even afford insurance for a simple health check. “Unfortunately, we ordinary people cannot afford this type of preventive care. Most of insurance will not cover this” .

Others also added to Kim Kardashian: ” I adore. A billionaire recommending preventative care that’s totally unavailable to 98% of your fanbase. Total atmosphere ». But that’s not all.

Another follower advised the mum-of-four to donate some of her millions so people can access this scan. One thing is certain, this message of prevention has not really been unanimous.

It must be said that many people find it very difficult to make ends meet. And therefore cannot afford such a large expense for a scanner. Some still admit that it is a good idea.

But they remind Kim Kardashian that the price of this scanner is not not at all accessible to everyone.


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