Klopp versus Chelsea: "It’s hard to keep up"

Klopp versus Chelsea: "It's hard to keep up"

It was probably just as well that Mauricio Pochettino’s press conference on Friday was scheduled just half an hour before Jurgen Klopp’s. Had the Liverpool boss heard how Chelsea’s coach had spoken about the signings of Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia, he would have risked breaking his diplomatic line.

“The players wanted to come to us because they feel something special here. Something good is happening here,” Pochettino said of his two new midfielders, who both gave Liverpool a basket after an agreement between the clubs – and preferred to switch to the twelfth place last year . How aggressively the Blues have been on the transfer market since the takeover by a consortium led by Todd Boehly – apparently not just financially – was of course not mentioned by Pochettino.

Has it become harder to convince Liverpool players?

Klopp was happy for the first time on Friday, this time “an agreement with a club and to be able to announce a player” and trusts replacement newcomer Wataru Endo far more than many in the Liverpool environment. And in the end he faced the questions of all questions that deal with a few beads of sweat in that environment: Has it become more difficult, player to convince of a move to Liverpool?

“To be honest, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with Liverpool. Everything is harder, everything. And there are reasons for that,” said Klopp. “Some clubs have had a different approach since last year and no one understands 100 per cent how it works, but somehow it’s working so far. But as a regular club it’s really hard to keep up.” He did not explicitly name Chelsea, which of course he had in mind, and he did not want to be elicited any further tips towards London: “It’s okay, that’s not my problem, I don’t blame anyone. That’s how it is it is easy.”

Klopp: ‘I’m really happy with our transfer window’

At the same time, Saudi Arabia’s transfer offensive complicates the situation, according to Klopp, who did not want to comment on the rumors that goalkeeper Alisson is being courted by another Liverpool professional from there. The fact that another league is growing and competing with Europe’s top leagues is legitimate and not the problem. “The problem is the endless money. It would be nice if someone could find some kind of solution, some regulation or something,” he said, laughing a little.

So what does all this mean for the Reds? “It’s no harder to convince Liverpool players,” assured Klopp. “I could have called a million players – they would all have come straight away. I’m sitting here and I’m really happy with our transfer window at the moment. And I know what happened last week, I know what football fans are like, I know they “I’d rather have a player for 110 or 150 million. But in the end, the space is the same everywhere, the player doesn’t get better because of the fee. We’ll keep looking around. And we won’t use money or anything else as an excuse for a second. ”


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