Klopp’s Chelsea dig at Caicedo

Klopp's Chelsea dig at Caicedo

Not much can go wrong now, but after the course of the last few weeks and months, no one should report Moises Caicedo’s execution too soon. After a long tug-of-war, Brighton’s 21-year-old midfielder is expected this Monday for a medical check-up at Chelsea FC – and will soon become one of the most expensive footballers in the world.

The English media are writing about a new record transfer from the Premier League, but this is only true if you include the bonus payments. As “Guardian” & Co. unanimously report, the clubs have agreed on a total package of 133 million euros, of which the base fee is “only” 116 million euros. This would still be world champion Enzo Fernandez with his 121 million euros record man in the league and the blues.

‘Oh, that’s what all Chelsea managers want’

The big loser of the betting is Liverpool FC, who, like Chelsea – and FC Bayern – are still desperately looking for a six. The Reds, who actually dropped out of the race for Jude Bellingham months ago for financial reasons, reportedly agreed on a fee of 129 million euros with Brighton on Thursday – only to find out that Caicedo was only going to Chelsea wants to change. There is a suspicion that Liverpool’s interest served Brighton and also Caicedo to push up prices in the negotiations with Chelsea.

In any case, Jürgen Klopp is served. At the press conference after the 1-1 draw at Chelsea on Sunday – the hosts allegedly would have liked to present Caicedo – the Liverpool coach said, smiling at the camera: “No”, when asked if he could say anything about the transfer poker . But then he couldn’t resist a dig at his rival. Commenting on Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino saying he would like to see reinforcements, Klopp said: “Oh, that’s what all Chelsea coaches want and they usually get.”

Will Chelsea outperform Liverpool at Lavia?

Especially bitter for Liverpool: It could happen again soon. Even with 19-year-old Romeo Lavia from relegated Southampton FC, it’s now a duel between Chelsea and Liverpool, and here too the Londoners seem to have the edge at the moment. They are now said to be offering around 64 million euros, but Southampton would be well advised not to be satisfied with that.

Time is of the essence for Klopp: the transfer window is only two and a half weeks open, and the opening game at Stamford Bridge revealed that, despite all the offensive power, something still needs to be done defensively. The fact that Liverpool were willing to spend a three-digit million sum for Caicedo, and that everyone now knows that, shouldn’t make the search any easier.


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