Kylie Jenner: the indecent amount of her fortune revealed by Forbes!

Kylie Jenner the indecent amount of her fortune revealed by Forbes!

Kylie Jenner is very rich. We knew that the influencer was at the head of a small fortune. But the sum of it is really astronomical. This is what Forbes magazine has just revealed. AIO Information tells you more…

She has a colossal jackpot

Like her other sisters and half-sisters, Kylie Jenner is a world famous influencer. And as such, she is also sitting on a small fortune that she has built up thanks to her image.

Reality TV shows, initiator of brands such as Kylie Cosmetics founded in 2014… Kylie Jenner is a real businesswoman who knew how to grow her empire.

With 400 million followers on Instagram, the pretty brunette is one of the most followed personalities in the world. The one who has views on Timothée Chalamet is, after Kim Kardashian, the second member of the Kardashian/Jenner clan to be the richest.

Because if Kanye West’s ex’s net worth is $1.2 trillion this year, Kylie Jenner does not have to be ashamed of the comparison.

The young woman of barely 26 has more than $680 million in his bank account, according to Forbes.

Kylie Jenner remains in the Forbes ranking of “richest self-made American women”. She was also named by the New York Post as there “most influential celebrity in the fashion industry”.

And the beauty’s fortune is not going to stop growing anytime soon. Because the young woman has just been chosen to participate in a brand new project.

If Margot Robbie brilliantly embodies the iconic Barbie doll at the moment, then Kylie Jenner for her part, will lend her pretty plastic to another very well-known doll…

Kylie Jenner ready to increase her fortune with this new project?

The one who just put things clear about his recourse to cosmetic surgerywill become the face of Bratz dolls.

With their air of “bad girls”, Bratz dolls arrived on the toy market in 2001. And it was at that time a small revolution.

Less conventional, they displayed decidedly more rock’n’roll looks from the start of their launch. This immediately seduced their target audience.

Moreover, Kylie Jenner herself admits having always had a weakness for these stylish dolls. She is therefore delighted that the brand wants to collaborate with her to create a collection of six dolls in his likeness.

“I’ve been a Bratz fan since childhood. And I always wanted my own Bratz doll”, the Kardashian sister enthused in a press release. The latter added that she liked “every step of the process of creating these dolls alongside the team at MGA Entertainment.”

In any case, this is a project that should still greatly benefit Kylie Jenner financially. For its part, the Bratz team is thrilled to be able to work with the star influencer.

“She truly embodies everything Bratz has stood for since its inception 22 years ago”said Jasmin Laria, the director of Bratz.


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