Laeticia Hallyday and her darling Jalil Lespert are no longer together?

Laeticia Hallyday and her darling Jalil Lespert are no longer together?

The end is near for the couple of Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert? This is, at least, what reports the media Closer. AIO Information explains everything from A to Z!

Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert no longer get along?

It is in December 2020 that Laeticia Hallyday formalized her relationship with Jalil Lespert. She had announced the news on her social networks.

Since then, the lovebirds seem to get along pretty well. They often post pictures of the two of themmoments of life for two, vacations…

Besides, they have gone through a lot of hardships both. Laeticia Hallyday is still trying to get out of her mourning of her ex-husband, Johnny Hallyday, who died on December 5, 2017.

Jalil Lespert, for his part, had to face athe death of his fatherJean Lespert. The latter died at the age of 81, on June 26, 2023..

A blow for his two sons as well as for the world of cinema. Jean Lespert was known for his roles in no scandal by Benoît Jacquot in 1999 or even The Little Lieutenant in 2004.

However, according to information from Closer, there would be water in the gas between Laeticia Hallyday and Jalil Lespert for a few weeks. They would even be on the verge of breaking up.

Indeed, it would seem that Johnny Hallyday’s ex-girlfriend went on vacation with her daughters but without her companion. Unusual behavior coming from her. AIO Information tells you more about it!

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“Laeticia is finding it increasingly difficult to conceive of a stable relationship”

On July 5, 2023, Laeticia Hallyday chose Italy for her holidays. So she left with her daughter Joy, but without his companionJalil Lespert.

Maybe the latter didn’t have the head for the holidays knowing that his father’s funeral took place a few days before. Or maybe the relationship between the lovebirds is souring.

But that’s not all ! Laeticia Hallyday took her daughters to Saint-Barthely. A symbolic place for the family since this is where Johnny Hallyday is buried.

It was there that they celebrated Joy’s birthday. For the occasion, his mother had prepared a whole party inspired by the film Barbiedirected by Greta Gerwig.

In the photos published by the mother of the family, everyone seemed there. With the exception of Jalil Lespert who does not appear on any of the pictures. What intrigued the fans!

This is how the media Closer confirmed their separation, this Thursday, August 10, 2023. The exes would have got tired of each other and would therefore have decided to separate.

Laeticia finds it more and more difficult to conceive of a stable relationship”, they reported. All while claiming that she would be “tired” of the “routine”.

Anyway, for the moment, this information remains at the stage of rumors. They have not been confirmed by Laeticia Hallyday or by Jalil Lespert.

They may talk about it in the days to come. One thing is certain, it is a case to follow closely!


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