Laeticia Hallyday: Her ex Jalil Lespert is preparing a biopic about Johnny!

Laeticia Hallyday – Jalil Lespert is preparing a biopic about Johnny!

It’s official: Laeticia Hallyday’s ex-partner Jalil Jespert will release a biopic about her late husband. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

A start to the year full of emotions for Laeticia Hallyday

The celebrity life doesn’t have that nothing beats a long, calm riverEven more so when you’re the widow of a global music star. Laeticia Hallyday is the best witness of this, she who has been trying to live a normal life since the death of her husband, a true legend of French rock.

Nevertheless, his new life continues after this disappearance to arouse the curiosity of the prominent press, and fans of the singer who are generally not stingy with criticism. Everyone wants to know what happens to her!

For example, last January we looked at these rumors that said it would be Laeticia Hallyday A couple soon with a great French writer. Shortly after her breakup with Jalil Lespert.

In addition, she stood out in production a few months later a new touching tribute to Johnny Hallyday. Even in heaven, he always keeps a place in his heart!

She also recently revealed: the last words spoken by Johnny before going out. A moment full of emotions.

And finally we learned that she would have called Brigitte Macron after her husband’s death. It must be said that she has always been very close to the First Lady of France.

But what then? this famous biopic about Johnny Hallyday that Jalil Lespert is preparing? AIO Information tells you more!

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A new biopic about Johnny Hallyday directed by Jalil Lespert?

The project has something to captivate the famous singer’s admirers six years after his death. And for a good reason: Jalil Lespert’s biography of Johnny Hallyday should actually see the light of day if we are to believe these new details that have just been revealed.

First, we know this This film will be called “That I Love You” and that he will trace his love life with Laeticia Hallyday since meeting her in a Florida nightclub. And especially his artistic rebirth after the young woman’s paths crossed.

Jalil Lespert is not his first attempt as he has also made a name for himself among his followers his biopic about Yves Saint Laurent, performed by Pierre Niney. A more than successful film!

And finally, you should know that the biopic stars “That I Love You” was assigned The Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts. It promises!

Be that as it may, it is not easy to turn things around for Laeticia Hallyday, who had to cope with the death of her husband before separating from Jalil Lespert. She had also confided in this topic 50′ insidewhich in particular reveals this “I feel guilty because I’m happy without JohnnyI feel like I’m cheating on him, I feel like I’m betraying him, I feel like he’s looking at me..

She has now made headlines with donations a very symbolic name to his boat. Proof that Johnny still lives a little in his heart!


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