Large families: Amandine Pellissard’s daughter will be late?

Large families: Amandine Pellissard's daughter will be late?

A few days ago, Amandine Pellissard (large families) gave birth to a baby girl born early. Jeremstar wondered if she was going to be late. As a reminder, she was born prematurely.

Arrival earlier than expected

Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard are having a difficult week. While their little girl was due to be born in November, she finally saw the light of day in early August. And the least we can say is that they are very worried about their little Méana.

Amandine Pellissard (large families) also confided on Instagram: “When I found out I was going to give birth, I was told about an emergency caesarean section. And I was told that she could not bear the contractions.

Before adding also: “I was put under pressure with the epidural (…). I was in labor all afternoon. And I had also concealed these contractions. I didn’t want an epidural.”.

The young woman clarified: “I really wanted to help my daughter. And I was able to have this delivery. I was able to give birth to my baby as I wanted. And my chip was wonderful (…). The birth was fantastic! ».

In a video shared by Jeremstar, the former candidate of Large Families made revelations. The Youtuber revealed: “Emotion yesterday at the hospital, I met little Maéna. A very premature baby of 3 months ».

He also asked the mother: “When she grows up, do you think she’s going to be late or not?” ». She then replied: ” No not necessarily. At all “.

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Amandine Pellissard (Large families) talks about her daughter

Amandine Pellissard (Large Families) then said: “The 1st cause of delays, at the level of the cognitive senses. And that’s the lack of oxygen at birth. She cried right away. And she was born vaginally. She was not revived.”.

The granddaughter of Amandine Pellissard (Large Families) should therefore not be late. One thing is certain, she worries her family. On social networks, the young woman also gave strength to her little girl.

She wrote on Instagram: “Your strength and your fragility are incredible. You are incredibly brave. I am in awe of your innate courage. My daughter, we are off on a long journey. And this, to lead the best fight.

The former candidate of Large Families then confessed: “Here we are embarked on the ship of the very great prema. And I remain convinced that by dint of love and will, this one will make us live the most intense and the most beautiful of cruises ».

Amandine Pellissard also explained that she did everything possible not to crack. And for good reason, his daughter has to deal with health concerns. The mother clarified: “Bichette has jaundice”.

The former candidate of Large Families also revealed: “I suspected that she was going to have it. Because all my children have had it. So I suspected that she would not escape it. But I was just hoping it would come a little later.

Before adding: “No, it’s happening today”. The mother can still count on the doctors. They take great care of her little girl. He watches her closely. To be continued !


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