Large families: soon a seventh child for the Santoro?

Large families: soon a seventh child for the Santoro?

When we are at the head of a large tribe, we can ask ourselves several questions. Do we want to expand the family even more or, on the contrary, do we prefer to stop there. Exactly, Camille Santoro from Large Families has gave the answer by responding to his followers on Instagram.

Amandine Pellissard is going through complicated times

In any case, there is a mother who wanted to expand his family. This is Amandine Pellissard. Indeed, the companion of Alexandre gave birth to her ninth child a few weeks ago. And it hasn’t always been easy.

Because the ex-candidate of Large Families gave birth much earlier than expected. His little Maéna was born premature. Since then, Amandine Pellissard shares her daily life as a worried mom and this is quite normal.

The one who launched own brand was still reassuring a few days after this birth. Indeed, she let it be known that everything was “under control”.“Afterwards, we suspect that at six months, all the organs are not ready to function in extra-uterine life. So there are small hiccups”.

She also said. Subsequently, the ex-candidate of Large Families provided some details: “She had one or two small bradycardias, (when the heart rate is too slow, Ed) not violent. But hey… it’s due to his immaturity”.

But Alexandre’s partner assures us that the doctors visit her very often to monitor her daughter’s health. In addition, Amandine Pellissard wants to keep her spirits up in all circumstances. This is an important element in his eyes and explained why.

“My daughter needs a mom who is standing up, not falling apart”. she explained. The proof that she remains a strong woman despite everything. She has already proven that she had a mind of steel but proving it again provides reassurance.

Large families: soon a seventh child for the Santoro?
Large families: soon a seventh child for the Santoro?

Camille Santoro from Large Families ready to become a mother again?

And Camille Santoro also knew how to prove that she had enormous mental strength. Indeed, a few months ago, she had to face a very complicated period. Especially when she lost her dad. As she announced on social media:

“The last few months have been very long. Unbearable… but it’s over. My daddy flew away. Announced the candidate of Large Families as relayed it Here. To recharge her batteries, she decided to go on a family vacation.

In fact, with his companion Nico and his six children, Camille Santoro was able to empty. However, fans are keen to know how she is doing over the weeks. To find out if she is keeping her spirits up or if the weeks are complicated.

“Honestly, I believe that I survive. I advance one day after another. But I trust. I know everything will be fine”. She assured when a user asked her: “How are you feeling Camille? ».

An answer to which the candidate of Large Families replied: “In the process of rebuilding… We lift our heads and we move on, everything will be fine. And when another fan asked her if she was ready to become a mother again, Camille Santoro replied:

Only God knows… Nico is not closed. I’m not really ready. So one day after another”.


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