Large families: the Jean-Zéphirin clan will grow even more!

Large families: the Jean-Zéphirin clan will grow even more!

When we join the Large Families program, we have a large base clan. However, the families who take part in the show keep not to enlarge their tribe for as much. And the Jean-Zéphirin clan has just proved it.

Amandine Pellissard again mom

But we can also talk about Amandine Pellissard. Even if it has left the issuance of TF1, it remains attached to this program whether she likes it or not. And Alexander’s girlfriend announced great news a few months ago.

Indeed, the ex-candidate of Large Families has informed her fans that she was expecting her ninth child. This one has just been released… several months in advance. Indeed, his little Maéna was born premature and his health worries his parents.

This is why the main interested party wished to speak in an attempt to reassure. Or rather, give news of the state of health of his daughter. “Afterwards, we suspect that at six months, all the organs are not ready to function in extra-uterine life”.

She explained before noticing:“so there are small hiccups”. Subsequently, Amandine Pellissard who was charged questionable practicesgave more details on the problems facing his little Maéna.

“She had one or two small bradycardias. (when the heart rate is too slow, editor’s note) Not violent. But hey… it’s due to his immaturity”. The ex-candidate of Large Family is despite everything showing a lot of courage.

And, this, for a very specific reason as she indicated: My daughter needs a mom who can hold her own. Not who is falling apart”. We hope that everything will work out for Amandine Pellissard and her daughter.

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The Jean-Zéphirins of large families are expanding their clan

As for the Jean-Zéphirin family, they too have welcomed a new “head”. As made known our colleagues from Herethe tribe saw a baby girl arrive on December 16, 2022.

And yet, the clan of Large families welcomed a new addition to the family a few days ago. “It will make us nostalgic (…) oulala, that’s fine make us want the baby 10″. Had entrusted the mother to the cameras of TF1.

And add in Instagram story: “I still don’t realize that I have a third little girl. I’m so used to boys. Have a fourth daughter? The dream “. Finally, a new face has indeed made its appearance.

But it is actually a cat. Raoudha of Large Families took to Instagram to announce the news. We present to you MINETTE our youngest in the family”. she wrote.

In fact, its subscribers were able to discover a small white cat with blue eyes. It is a British shorthair as noted by our colleagues. “She is so beautiful, welcome her to the family. Hello Minette, welcome to the JZ family! You are so cute. Oh too beautiful she will be happy with you. Complimented netizens.


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