Legend Bowl: Football simulation kicks off today on Xbox

Legend Bowl: Football simulation kicks off today on Xbox

Starting today, Legend Bowl lets fans simulate their own American football games on Xbox.

Legend Bowl, the ultimate word in richly detailed, full-featured, simulation-based American football games, is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and One, and Nintendo Switch.

Legend Bowl was originally developed by Javier Martinez, a veteran of the EA Madden development team. The impetus for Legend Bowl came from his growing dissatisfaction with the state of Madden games.

Seeing a lack of improvement, innovation, and a stagnation toward prioritizing microtransaction aspects, Martinez saw Javier resign from EA to further develop a football game that he believed had real depth, complexity, and respect for players’ time could.

As such, Legend Bowl offers some of the most in-depth simulation elements yet seen in the genre and is absolutely chock-full of features.

Hailed as the spiritual successor to Tecmo Bowl, the game blends retro and modern football vibes, making it THE game for anyone in need of in-depth sports simulation.

Legend Bowl is available now for $24.99 USD (or platform specific equivalent) with a 15% introductory discount for 3 weeks.

Top Hat Studios has also released a new trailer to celebrate the launch of Legend Bowl on consoles today.

Commenting on today’s release, Andy Andi Han, Executive Producer at Top Hat Studios said, “Legend Bowl is probably one of the most challenging games we’ve ever ported, adapted and optimized for a console release. Being a simulator with a massive amount of complexity under the hood and so many different moving parts, the amount of work for what looks like a 2D pixel art game is definitely misleading. Our team did an incredible job of not only making the game work, but actually making it work. In the end, the project required over 7 million lines of code spread across 2 generations of consoles and 5 different devices. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished – there really isn’t a deeper football experience like Legend Bowl, and it was worth every ounce of sweat.”

The Legend Bowl launch trailer:


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