Leo Messi says he didn’t want to go to PSG

Leo Messi says he didn't want to go to PSG

Tackle both feet apart.

New darling of David Beckham’s Inter Miami, Lionel Messi was not kind to PSG, which he left free a month ago, in press conference. Asked about his time in the club of the capital, the Pulga confirmed that he was forced to leave Barça at the time, following the economic difficulties of the Blaugrana : “My leaving for Paris is not something I wanted. It happened overnight. I had to get used to a new place quickly after so many years in Barcelona.»

After this scud, the world champion, author of nine goals in six games in his new colors, returned to his express adaptation to Miami: “We are settling in. My children will start school soon. It was much easier than we thought. We had lived the experience of Barcelona in Paris, it was complicated, but it was different. »

At least, it’s clear.


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