Les Cinquante: Stéphanie Clerbois had a hard time filming season 2!

Les Cinquante: Stéphanie Clerbois had a hard time filming season 2!

While the filming of Les Cinquante lasted for several weeks, the lack of loved ones can be felt. Stéphanie Clerbois makes some revelations on this subject. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

The Fifty soon to be back on W9

Since its release last year on W9, Les Cinquante has been a huge success. Indeed, this new concept proposed by the channel seems to be unanimous among viewers. It must be said that the latter find themselves immersed in a crazy adventure punctuated by many twists and turns. Just that !

As a reminder, Les Cinquante is a game that brings together major reality TV stars. The latter then find themselves in a castle where arena strategies and challenges collide. Their objective is to stand out during the events in order to avoid eliminations. And that’s not to mention the alliances that take an essential place in the game.

Faced with the success of the first edition won by Julien Bert, the channel has decided to renew the experience. A season 2 has therefore taken place, bringing together colorful profiles. Once again, the players then seem determined to maintain their place in the game. For this, the latter are ready for anything. Enough to raise the pressure.

Moreover, this new edition of the Fifty is already in the box. Indeed, the filming has ended and the episodes are being prepared. Because, the first episode arrives on September 4 on W9. To the delight of fans of the show who seem impatient to find out.

While waiting to be able to watch the first episodes of the Fifty, the candidates tease the adventure. These latter then come back to their strong moments and don’t hesitate to drop a few scoops.

Moreover, Stéphanie Clerbois confided in her adventure. She then spoke of the lack of her children. AIO Information tells you more!

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A difficult shoot for Stéphanie Clerbois?

The filming of Les Cinquante ended and the candidates were able to find their loved ones. Indeed, after several weeks locked up in the castle from an amazing game master, the players have found the course of their lives. Starting with Stéphanie Clerblois.

If Stéphanie Clerbois seemed delighted to be able to integrate season 2 of the Fifty, the latter has a lot apprehended the separation with his children. Indeed, the latter explained on her Insta account: “The ‘before’ filming stresses me out a lot. Ten years ago, I saw it as a summer camp, I was looking forward to being there. Today, I have my children waiting for me. I have a life other than going out and going to nightclubs. I see it with a different eye. »

The Fifty candidate also explained: “Charlize had more trouble during the second week (…) Liam was super happy that I was doing this show. It was he who even gave me a boost when I got my call. It was crazy limit I cried because I missed them too much. And he said to me: ‘Come on mom, you’re the best, we have to continue!’. »

One thing is certain, the passage of Stéphanie Clerbois in the Fifties is not likely to go unnoticed. The public just has to be ready!


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