Les Marseillais: Julien Tanti is ruined because of the damage in Dubai!

Les Marseillais: Julien Tanti is ruined because of the damage in Dubai!

There is currently severe flooding in Dubai. So much so that roads are impassable and houses are flooded. An influencer paradise that is falling apart. Julien Tanti from Marseillais explained the damage at home.

The Marseillais: Influencers with their feet in the water

In the last few days the dream has turned into a nightmare. Torrential rain falls over Dubai. This will paralyze traffic, but also houses. And many reality TV influencers like Les Marseillais live there.

The most are in large, brand new villas. But TV stars recognize that these constructs have limits. And some have very serious damage. It is that Milla Jasmine case For example.

The ceiling just collapsed, I’m shocked. I really freaked out. The problem is the houses in Dubai are not built to withstand rain and storms. » explained the former Marseillais candidate on Snapchat.

It’s also a disaster for Julien Tanti. The water is very high in his street. Impossible to pass by car. He then films on social media in front of his house. A road that now resembles a river.

Imagine the truck is under water. It’s crazy. There are almost little sunken streets. The only way to leave the house is by boat, by jet ski or with armbands.” explains the leader of the Marseillais.

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Floods that cause great damage

And of course these floods cause great damage. We know that water has devastating effects on buildings. Manon Marsault explains the situation: “ Half of our sockets have failed, we no longer have internet (…) the rooms are completely flooded, The Ferrari is dead. I will cry “.

The couple from Marseille can’t take it anymore. Paga then replied to his friend on Instagram that he would have preferred to stay in Marseille instead of moving to Dubai! And all this damage comes at a price.

According to Julien Tanti, this would all cost 1 million euros. Which brings in a lot of money. It must be said that due to the rain, two of his luxury cars were completely out of service. But the situation is very dangerous.

In fact, 18 people died in Oman as a result of these floods. M Pokora, who was traveling through Dubai as a lover, sees her Passage becomes hell. It must be said that everyone is stuck. It’s impossible to move.

Although in the latest stories from the leader of Marseillais we see that the cars are now driving slowly on the roads. But the water is still there. It must be said that in Dubai There is no manhole cover.

It is therefore impossible for the water to drain away. The decline is therefore very slow. Caroline Receveur who also lives in DubaiShe had stated for some time that she had never seen a storm like this in the country.

A truly unforgettable moment for all influencers who live there. In any case, the couple from Marseillais will have to carry out major clean-up work.


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