Linus Tech Tips: Gamers Nexus responds, internal investigation begins

Linus Tech Tips: Gamers Nexus responds, internal investigation begins

The YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, which was launched in 2008 by the Canadian advertising video producer Linus Sebastian and which, with 15.6 million subscribers and 7.3 billion hits, is one of the most successful tech channels on the Google video portal, is still following along He was confronted with serious accusations from his own industry, which led the founder and CVO (“Chief Vision Officer”) to make a very emotional statement, which he has since largely refrained from making. Nevertheless, Gamers Nexus, in the person of editor-in-chief Stephen (“Steve”) Burke, felt compelled to respond to the statement with a YouTube video accordingly.

Stephen Burke said he was “shocked” and “disappointed” by Linus Sebastian’s statements, accusing him of portraying himself as a victim while addressing all the allegations made and criticisms of the “data accuracy”, “duty of care” and “quality” of his company.

Investigations are to begin

Due to even more serious allegations, which the former employee Madison Reeve brought up against Linus Tech Tips at the same time, the Linus Media Group has now been forced to make a new statement. The company’s former social media manager accuses the team behind Linux Tech Tips of toxic behavior, insults and sexual harassment, among other things.

In order to clarify the facts, internal investigations are to be launched immediately, which are to be supported by an external investigator, as Terren Tong, CEO of the Linus Media Group, explained. The company would then like to make the results of these investigations public.

In addition to an internal review, we will also engage an external investigator to investigate the allegations and commit to making the findings public

Terren TongCEO of Linux Media Group

The human resources department had already started the investigation and was also instructed to publish the relevant results in a further statement.

Linus Sebastian is “simply shocked”

The founder and CVO of the Linus Media Group, Linus Sebastian, also personally commented on the serious allegations against his company and the LTT team in an email to The Verge.

I was simply shocked when I read these allegations. They don’t match my memories. They are not consistent with our internal processes. They are not in line with our corporate values.

Linus SebastianFounder and CVO of Linus Media Group

The final chapter in this mudslinging is far from over and it remains to be seen how transparent the Linus Media Group will be with the investigations that have now started.

Source: Gamers Nexus via Youtube, Linus Tech Tips via Twitter, The Verge


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