Linux for new hardware: Linux Mint should get ISO with new kernel (survey)

Linux for new hardware: Linux Mint should get ISO with new kernel (survey)

As the GamingOnLinux website, which specializes in Linux gaming, has now reported for the first time, the makers of Linux Mint, one of the most popular Linux distributions according to DistroWatch, are planning a new ISO system image which, thanks to a more up-to-date Linux kernel, should also support the latest hardware.

New ISO with new kernel for new hardware

As the Linux Mint developers announced in their “Monthly News July 2023”, work is underway on a so-called “EDGE-ISO” for Linux Mint 21.2 (“Victoria”), an updated system image with a new operating system kernel that also includes the latest hardware to support accordingly. Unlike the “regular” edition of Linux Mint, which is based on Linux 5.15 LTS, at least Linux 6.2 should be used for the new system image.

Linux Mint is getting more interesting for gamers

With a new Linux kernel, Linux Mint would also be more interesting for gamers who usually use more recent distributions like Fedora Linux and rolling releases like Arch Linx and EndeavorOS, as well as special gaming distributions like Nobara. Linux Mint is less popular among gamers. The operating system kernel is essential to boot new hardware.

We’re also planning to release an EDGE ISO for Linux Mint 21.2. This ISO will feature a kernel 6.2 and make it easier to boot Mint on brand new hardware.

Linux Mint

When exactly the new EDGE system image will appear is not yet known. However, a release before the release of Linux Mint 21.3, which is scheduled for Christmas 2023, is very likely.

What Linux distribution are PCGH readers using?

The PCGH editorial team would be happy to know which Linux distribution the community members from the PCGHX forum are using.


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