Liver cancer: A sweetened drink a day is said to increase the risk

Liver cancer: A sweetened drink a day is said to increase the risk

Researchers looked at the effects of soft drinks on liver cancer risk. They found a connection.

A portion of lemonade (330 milliliters) contains about 30 to 50 grams of sugar, which corresponds to about 17 sugar cubes. Regular consumption of this high sugar content is harmful to health and leads to obesity. In addition, the daily consumption of sugary drinks is said to increase the risk of liver cancer and serious chronic liver diseases, as scientists have now discovered.

Scientists are studying the effects of sweetened beverages on the liver

In her in the specialist magazine JAMA (The Journal of the American Medical Association) published study, researchers examined around 99,000 women who were already in the postmenopause – the last phase of menopause. These women all participated in the Women’s Health Initiative (1993–1998). They were then observed for just over 21 years. Scientists used a questionnaire to record their consumption of sweetened drinks, among other things. These included lemonades (soft drinks), sweet drinks containing fruit juice (except pure fruit juice) and so-called light drinks that were sweetened with artificial sweeteners.

Some of the women stated that they consumed one or more sweetened drinks (approx. 350 milliliters) per day. Other participants, on the other hand, drank a maximum of three sugar-sweetened beverages a month. These two groups were then compared with each other. The scientists examined how often the women developed liver cancer. They also observed how often the participants died from chronic liver disease. These included the following diseases: alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), hepatic fibrosis, cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis.

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Study shows one glass of lemonade a day can increase risk of liver cancer

The results of the study show that 148 women died from chronic liver disease and 207 women developed liver cancer within the observation period. The researchers found that those women who drank at least one soft drink a day had a significantly higher risk of liver cancer. In addition, the risk of chronic liver disease also increased when consumed daily. According to the scientists, further studies are needed to confirm the connection. In any case, high sugar consumption contributes to the development of fatty liver and thus has harmful consequences for the organ. The consumption of diet drinks, on the other hand, was not associated with a higher risk of liver cancer or liver disease.

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