Lonely Mountains: Downhill: Free Pirate Update released

Lonely Mountains: Downhill: Free Pirate Update released

Lonely Mountains Downhill awaits you with a new free pirate update full of “pirate” goodies.

Thunderful & Megagon Industries weigh anchor and set sail in cool and calm waters with today’s free update to Lonely Mountains Downhill. This season, Daily Rides Season 26: Plundering Riders features fresh new ‘pirate’ outfits and accessories to take you on a nautical adventure.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Thunderful & Megagon Industries

Prepare to walk the plank in the rugged Crew Mate outfit and headscarf helmet. Take command of your crew and rule the seas with the Pirate Captain Outfit and Captain’s Hat Helm.

Steer away from the rocks with the Wicked Wheel paint job and crawl in the sand with the Crab Backpack. Get lost on a deserted island with the Lost Captain outfit and Lost Hat helmet. With the treasure chest backpack, mark the spot with an ‘X’ and find the lost treasure with the Lost Pearl painting.

Daily Rides is also a cross-platform daily leaderboard competition: every day a track is randomly selected and filled with new obstacles and shortcuts.

The four-week season features a new theme with unlockable cosmetic rewards for participants.


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