Lose weight while enjoying yourself: how Italians manage to stay slim despite pizza and pasta

Lose weight while enjoying yourself: how Italians manage to stay slim despite pizza and pasta

Italians tend to enjoy a good figure in the long term, despite delicious food. The secret is in the distribution of the dishes.

Many people probably aim to lose a few kilos less in their ribs at some point in their lives. However, a classic diet is usually associated with avoiding certain dishes and foods. As a general rule, these are foods that can provoke moments of pleasure, such as chocolate, pizza or pasta. In Italy the latter are practically part of the culinary agenda. However, Italians usually enjoy a slim figure. You can find out how this is possible here.

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Lose weight while enjoying: Italians as a role model: the important thing is the classification

Not in vain, a trip to Italy is for many people a real culinary pleasure: after all, you can delight yourself with delicious dishes such as pizza, pasta or ice cream all day long. Although this is probably part of everyday life for southern Europeans living there, many Italians manage to stay slim despite delicious food and Aperol in the evening. The secret of his “diet” lies in the division of meals. What matters is what time of day you eat.

Italians usually start the day with a small breakfast, which consists of an espresso and a glass of juice. If you need to get to work immediately, you can absorb additional energy with a warm croissant (also called cornetto), filled with chocolate, vanilla or pistachio cream. At lunch, however, carbohydrates are largely avoided. Instead, the menu includes salad or antipasti. If you only had an espresso for breakfast, replenish your energy reserves with a plate of pasta at lunchtime.

Eat and stay lean like the Italians: avoid carbs at night

At dinner, carbohydrates are again largely avoided. On the other hand, Italians enjoy antipasti with a glass of wine. This means you can also indulge in your beloved aperitif after dinner. But in Italy, of course, there are exceptions: in the evening they serve hearty pizza.

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