Love is in the meadow: Karine Le Marchand in a relationship with Stéphane Plaza?

L’amour est dans le pré: Karine Le Marchand en couple avec Stéphane Plaza ?

Are Karine Le Marchand, star of L’amour est dans le pré and Stéphane Plaza, star of Recherche appartement ou maison a couple?

Karine Le Marchand and Stéphane Plaza agitate social networks. Because, the host of Love and in the meadow and his colleague could be in a relationship. Info or intox ? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Love is in the meadow: a big family

It’s no secret, the candidates of Love is in the meadow form a big family. Indeed, while the program has existed for 13 years now on M6, many candidates have succeeded. And yes, many farmers and suitors have tried their luck.

Moreover, beyond the love stories that are born in front of the cameras of Love is in the meadow, beautiful friendships are born. It must be said that the latter give themselves up, share their stories and talk about their future desires. Nice relationships are born on the set and continue over time.

Indeed, many candidates of the show meet after the shooting. Moreover, they are present for the most important moments of each one. For example, when a marriage is solemnized, it is not uncommon for farmers to attend the event. Eh yes !

For her part, Karine Le Marchand also seems very attached to the candidates. The latter lives with them intense moments and shows a lot of empathy. Indeed, the facilitator is often upset by the stories of the farmers. It must be said that some go through very difficult times.

If Karine Le Marchand is very close to farmers, she is also very complicit with an M6 host. Indeed, the presenter of Love is in the meadow is a very good friend of Stéphane Plaza. But are they a couple? MCE TV tells you more!

Love is in the meadow: Karine Le Marchand in a relationship with Stéphane Plaza?

Stéphane Plaza and his colleague as a couple?

Since 2010, Karine Le Marchand has caused a sensation in Love is in the meadow. If this last begins to get tired of the agricultural world, she remains an emblematic figure of the chain. For his part, Stéphane Plaza is also a leading member of M6. Known for its real estate shows, he seems very popular with the public.

Moreover, the host of Love is in the meadow and Stéphane Plaza have never hidden their complicity. While they have collaborated on many shows, the latter have become friends over time. In reality, some rumors go further and make the two hosts a couple. But then are they really together?

In the special episode of the romance show, Didier had fun questioning Karine Le Marchand. The latter then asked him in front of the cameras: “Can you give us a scoop? (…) You know very well that everyone thinks of you with… »

Surprised by the question, the presenter of Love is in the meadow swung: ” With whom ? Square? Oh but not at all! I am not at all with Stéphane Plaza! Although he tells me that if I continue like this, we will get married when we are old. We are not immune to getting together when we are both very old. »

One thing is certain, the host of Love is in the meadow has not finished spilling ink. To be continued.


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