Love is in the meadow: Karine Le Marchand ready to stop the show?

L’amour est dans le pré: Karine Le Marchand prête à arrêter l’émission ?

While Karine Le Marchand stands out as a key figure in Love is in the meadow, the latter could well leave the show.

Impossible to dissociate Karine Le Marchand from Love is in the meadow. Nevertheless, the host would be tired of the show. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Love is in the Meadow: The Cult Romance Show

Nobody can miss Love is in the meadow. Indeed, since 2010, the show caused a sensation on M6. The seasons then follow one another and many farmers have come to try their luck in front of the channel’s cameras. And to the delight of the latter, multiple love stories have emerged.

Indeed, since the creation of L’amour est dans le pré, many couples have formed. Some got married and others gave birth to children. In short, it’s a real box office for the famous romance show!

Moreover, the candidates of the show do not hesitate to give their news. While a special program “What became of them? » is getting ready, they are also very active on social networks. They then share their daily life and come back to the highlights of their lives. Something to delight Internet users who love to follow their adventures.

If Love is in the meadow has been a hit for many years, Karine Le Marchand seems to be getting tired. Indeed, would the famous host be about to stop the show? She makes a few confidences. MCE TV tells you more!

Karine Le Marchand about to leave the show?

For 13 years, Karine Le Marchand has found herself at the head of Love is in the meadow. Very popular with farmers and the general public, the latter imposes itself as a key figure of the show. It then multiplies the seasons and always seems to be unanimous with the public. Just that !

Faced with such a success, Love is in the meadow is about to come back with a season 18. Indeed, a new casting has taken place and the first images will be able to be unveiled. To the delight of the public who seems impatient to be able to find the famous romance show.

If the joy is felt on the side of the fans of the show, this is not really the case for Karine Le Marchand. Indeed, the famous animator shows a little weariness as this new edition approaches. For good reason, she no longer supports her image of “madam agriculture”. Ouch!

Indeed, in an interview with TV 7 daysthe host of Love is in the meadow revealed refusing to host a program on agriculture. She therefore confided: “I was offered Let’s help our farms, but I refused. I don’t want to be just Ms. Agriculture”.

Moreover, to change her image, Karine Le Marchand will make her arrival in the next season of France has an incredible talent. Far from nature, his fans will be able to discover it in a new universe.

One thing is certain, the host of Love is in the meadow has not finished surprising the public. To be continued.


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