Love is in the meadow: Lucile reveals her incredible weight loss!

Love is in the meadow: Lucile reveals her incredible weight loss!

Less than a month after the birth of her second child, Lucile seems to have already lost a lot of weight. On Instagram, the emblematic candidate of Love is in the meadow spoke at length about her physical transformation. AIO Information tells you everything from A to Z!

Love is in the meadow: the family is growing

Since their meeting in the 15th season of Love is in the meadow, Lucile and Jérôme spin the perfect love. Married for a year, the two lovebirds even welcomed a little girl named Capucine. 22 months after the birth of their first child, a second small miracle came to fill the young parents with happiness.

Indeed, the young woman gave birth to her second child on July 18. Neither one nor two, the couple took to their social networks to announce the big news to their subscribers. “You’re finally here”he wrote on Instagram while sharing a close-up of the infant.

A post that did not fail to do react the fans of Love is in the meadow. ” Congratulations ! », “Welcome little man”, “Congratulations, big kisses to you 4”, “Be even happier! Lots of happiness to you and welcome to this little guy »could we read in the comments.

A publication that now has more than 77,000 likes. A few days later, the farmer and his wife took the Meta group app again to reveal the baby’s first name: Adonis. In any case, one thing is certain, it is that since their debut in season 15 of Love is in the meadow, Lucile and Jérôme have come a long way together.

A long walk that they like to share with their community. AIO Information tells you more!

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Lucile reveals her incredible weight loss

Mother of two children, Lucile, of Love is in the meadow, still takes the time to chat with his followers. This Wednesday, August 9, 2023, she also took her Instagram account to ask her fans a question. ” You too, the second pregnancy, the weight loss afterwards was faster?she asked before explaining herself.

“Only 5 kilos away from my pre-pregnancy weight… I’m surprised”, she launched. And to continue: “For Capucine, I had to start a food rebalancing to regain my weight and resume the race… There, I melted without doing anything special”.

In fact, the star of Love is in the meadow had had a lot struggling to lose weight after the birth of her daughter. Especially since the latter had aim to lose 10 pounds before saying “yes” to his dear and tender.

To do this, she had then imposed a hell of a routine. On the program: sport and a balanced diet. 8 kilos and 4cm for the thighs, 1cm for the breasts, 2cm for the waist, 7cm for the navel, 6cm for the hips »she confided at the time with great pride while advocating again and again the positive body.


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