Luis Enrique is confident going into the second leg against Barça

Luis Enrique is confident going into the second leg against Barça

No worries under Luis Enrique.

At a press conference on the eve of PSG’s quarter-final second leg against Barça, Luis Enrique remained true to himself, used wooden language and was open-hearted, without ever really saying anything to those he was talking to. However, he was very clear about tomorrow’s game and its outcome for his team. “ I am convinced that we will change the situation » explained the Spanish technician. He acknowledged that the two days following the first leg defeat had been mentally exhausting for the entire group and staff, highlighted collective mobilization and reiterated his confidence ahead of the game.

Hammering that it’s necessary” accept defeat », he remembered that he still had to come to. “ The two days after the game were difficulthe admitted. We had to regain our mental and physical condition, but the good thing about professional football is that we play the same rival again the following week. We have a second leg, we know what we want to do and I think we are in a great phase “. He was aware of the statistics unfavorable for PSG and even emphasized his desire to make history: “ PSG never managed to qualify after losing the first leg, but we will do it tomorrow. »

The Paris supporters would like to have the same security as him.

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